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Texture Perfect - sample set

Texture Perfect - sample set

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Presenting the Rug designer's perfect texture companion: Texture Perfect. Karnor’s first texture set is now available for immediate order. The new texture collection contains a selection of samples specifically crafted to vividly express the relationship between design and structure so as to better inform the creation of the next generation of captivating Tibetan carpets made in Nepal.

Four 30cm x 30cm samples recreate the three jewel insignia of Karnor to illustrate how the physicality of the rug impacts the rendering of design itself. Accentuating these main selections is a collection of 15cm x 15cm samples which further illustrate technique, materials, and indeed the savoir faire of Karnor.

As you browse the enclosed selection, imagine not just your design skillfully woven into each texture, rather envision each element as a component that can be recombined and reconfigured to your specifications thus allowing your vision to become reality through the expertise of Karnor.

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